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Workplace emerge Lai class race

9 pm, colleagues have gone, Xiaoqing also sitting in an office in front of a computer,http://adidasjeremyscottit.com, while listening to the music while browsing for news. A day to the time from work, his colleagues rushed to get home,Adidas Jeremy Scott, but he Ann sitting quietly in front of the computer, sometimes sat right down to midnight.
" it is also home to a man Internet, desolate, in the office can also be on duty with the colleague to talk, and the office of the winter heating, summer air conditioning, dinner's in the cafeteria to solve the.
" Xiao said. Now, such as Xiaoqing is not willing to come home from work, has become a popular phenomenon, this group also is named " Lai the class race " happy net a few days ago. A survey, 19% of respondents said they are " Lai class race ", 45% said they are not, however, know anybody.
Lai classes for different reasons are afraid of loneliness hide traffic except such as Xiaoqing don't want to go home in the face of the deserted, and the some " Lai class race " to avoid the rush.
Mr Li is one of them. At six thirty in the evening, my colleagues continue to leave office, but he did not hurry to go home, but to open QQ and chat with friends. When night falls, from the office window, the street lights areString, Lee did not want to join them, a little &quot " rub; go home.
No traffic jams when, he drove 50 minutes can arrive home, and in the rush they need for nearly two hours. " instead of wasting time on the road, as well as late. " he said to chat with him.
The Miss Wang is also a " Lai class family, she said: " " the thought of in the bus l shopping r upset, too hard, or in the office for a while and car consumption, less crowded go back to good.
" " Lai class race " also has some people are doing things associated with the job. In the public relations company of Miss Guo, work too busy to go to the toilet often did not have the time, " now I every night one or two hours' walk, to extend the working hours, won't be so busy.
" miss Guo said, do major activities time, her office at weekend stay a little,Tragic inevitability behind the thinking (1), " 5 days work into 7 days, everyday and not too hard. " unit prohibits employees Lai classes encourage participation in collective activities for safety and cost saving considerations, some units have been on " Lai class " behavior have been restricted.
Beijing Kyushu Tong Pharmaceutical Company Limited Mr. WeiThey said, the company introduced restrictions on class rules: overtime to departments for, upon approval of general manager, in the human resources department for the record; after 7 p.
m. and a day of rest, do not work overtime employee telephone, network will be cut off,Adidas Jeremy Scott, door card becomes invalid, only can enter, the security will remind its home. Mr. Wei says, company this provision is not only for the office cost savings, but also want employees to do nothing to soak in the office,Adidas Jeremy Scott Wings &quot, so the very next day job not spirit.
Mr. Wei said, the company also like a lot of ways, enrich their spare time, let them to give up their &quot class " LAI; company. In the office building of the layer of the activity center,adidas Jeremy Scott Wings, a treadmill, billiards, table tennis and other facilities.
" colleagues often play together, dine together,Adidas Porsche Design development strategy, in the vicinity of the company after dinner and then go home, never jam. " Mr. Wei says, company annual singles friendship, the weekend has also organized various activities,Jeremy Scott Adidas, recently just organized a long-distance running in winter.
" staff extra-curricular life rich, friends, don't have to work not to worry. " Wei Lai suggested " class race " their work, improve work efficiency, work participates in the collective activity, make your life rich.

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