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Shoes wholesale who fulfill kana shoes

Shoes wholesale who fulfill kana Adidas ,Nike ,shoes ?KAPPA ,lining ,Anta and other famous tourism brand sports shoes ,has been received by consumers .These brand shoes mainly concentrated in high-end shopping malls shop or large and medium-sized city bustling street shop sales ,by virtue of the brand effect ,in the market quite welcome .
As a result of these stores shoes price is higher ,the number of stores Limited ,so some shoe business was certain this &quot &quot ;business ;,with fake shoes business. In recent years is a problem of counterfeiting ,the State Administration for Industry and Commerce in 2007 September toDecember nationwide focus on a combat fraud behavior of special law enforcement actions ,on some properties of relatively abominable ,affecting a wide range ,typical cases are investigated, several months ,obtained apparent effect .
Recently, discover ,in the larger shopping malls ,kana shoes phenomenon got good governance ,but in some small shops ,clothing shoes the foreign trade store ,brand discount stores, and even in the stall ,kana shoes are still prevalent .
Beijing Xiecheng false Nike take cost only 50 yuan the pseudonym shoes come from? Why in the Department of anti-counterfeiting campaign hit repeatedly more than &quot ;&quot ;?For this, undertook investigating interviewing .
Small shoe : the sale of shoes for the majority of false location in Beijing City ,Chongwen District of Beijing city Chongwen District Stadium surrounding .Near the stadium has dozens of large and small retail sporting goods store .
The museum called Adidas ,Nike ,KAPPA lining ,and other brands of sports shoes in Beijing attracted many consumers come to buy .Went into a shop .The shop displays several brands of shoes ,which are observed, Adidas ,found the styles of the shoes and brand stores style roughly the same .
&quot ;how much is this pair of shoes ?&quot ;pick up a double labeled with the adidas trademark shoes in a shop owner asked .Look middle-aged women enthused :&quot ;it is this year ,in a store selling 400 yuan,I here only 120 yuan.
Good try .&quot ;&quot ;is it true? Why so cheap ?&quot ;questioned. &quot ;120 yuan of moneycan buy really,Fall prevention measures! To tell you the truth ,our goods are high imitation products ,style and quality and really not much difference ,worn on the feet are the same .
&quot ;the side of the owner to recommend their own &q Uot &quot ;shoes ;,put a pair of numbers for the 41Adidasskateboarding shoes to try on .Get the shoes looked ,found this pair of shoes label production is very rough ,above writing is very fuzzy ,there is no formal brand shoes warranty certificate .
The sole and the upper bonding ,can be clearly there are some yellow glue ,and the soles are particularly thin ,making very rough .Pretend to try ,to not fit for an excuse to leave the store.
Then entered the store ,and the store is approximately the same ,in store displays a lot of fake brand shoes .And Adidas ( China ) sales company staff made contact ,according to the staff member introduction, Adidas brand stores are located in high-end shopping malls or stores ,a unified design and decoration ,is absolutely impossible to other brand shoes in the same store sales .
Then came to sell &quot &quot ;foreign trade goods consisting mainly of wide ;street .This street shops selling also is famous brand clothing and shoes ,and stadiums around the store ,here the brand-name shoes is known as export trade goods.
At a store ,sales staff intercom ,&quot ;we are foreign brands In the Chinese order enterprises production ,the quality is very good .&quot ;she affirmed that store sales of shoes are for real.
It is understood ,in the general case ,the so-called foreign trade goods refers to the domestic shoe manufacturers according to the incoming sample or abroad sample ,domestic raw material processing ,orders to complete the remaining after that part of the produce ,or because of a variety of illnesses have been removed &quot ;&quot ;down return ,became &quot ;to the domestic exports of shoes ,because &quot ;style ,exquisite fabrics ,popular domestic customers.
However ,from a foundry mainly shoes business insiders Department understands ,manufacturers to prevent due to quality problems caused by the lack of a volume ,production ,often than customer demand quantity of produced products .
But foreign to processing shoes number and material management is very strict ,processing shoes more orders trademark quantity control in the 3%m10%,namely the 100mostprocessing 10 .Therefore ,general the same style of shoes only three five or even one or two &quot ;defective &quot ;,and generally there are no major quality problems.
In fabric, generally will not last ,even if there are also few ,more than 10 pieces ,will not have a lot of surplus .&quot ;Currently on the market can be seen everywhere in the foreign trade clothing store ,there are many businesses and attract customers guise and signboards.
&quot ;the shoe business insiders to shows the mystery ,&quot ;for our brand protection, foreign brands of raw materials and trademark management is very strict, basically a batch of orders the remaining fabric ,if any, leaving only rarely .
Sometimes the trademark will be foreign to return before cut off ,or violation of intellectual property rights. The formal factories ,have foreign representatives to check in at any time ,under their supervision ,defective products will ultimately be destroyed ,Adidas Jeremy Scott glass steel rebounds rebounds,the quota ,to report ,www.adidasjeremyscottit.com,these matters in the processing of contracts have strict agreement, formal factories will never to this little interest and breach of contract ,nor that the original number of L single r into the market.
&quot ;shoes wholesale market :kana shoes heavy disaster area it is understood ,Adidas and other foreign brands with its own distribution center ,directly facing the major stores. Then these small kana shoes come from? It is how the channel into the terminal market ?From a shoe saleswoman office was informed ,these shoes are mostly from in Red gate near the bottom of the shoe city mall hundred Rong Shimao David ,as well as Wenzhou ,Roland shoe and purchase .
Subsequently, to 100Rong Shimaobottom David Xiecheng .When around 3 pm to the shoe ,but found that the shoe has been closed. Later learned ,the wholesale market is open at five o ,afternoon 2 itclosed.
The very next day ,at 6 in the morning and came to David Xiecheng .David shoe city located in the South Sanhuan axis right ,business area of 20000 square meters,nearly 1000 booths.Shoes wholesale into children area ,tourism shoes ,cloth shoes zone .
In the same shoes zone was divided into Wenzhou ,Jinjiang shoes ,shoes Hebei shoe zone. In different region of a shoe ,gathered a large number of &quot ;get the goods &quot ;people ,carrying them to choose the good shoes ,Adidas Jeremy Scott Wings,is a considerable number of fake brand-name shoes .
In the investigation of the shop, kana shoes fake mostly sneakers .Arrived at the fifth to the 9 Jinjiangsports shoes zone ,found in these stalls ,most stalls are displayed in several so-called Adidas ,Nike ,puma ,KAPPA or lining ,fake brand shoes .
In sixth together in a stall, found its affixed with &quot ;because of urgent transfer stalls Message &quot ;advertisement .To come to Beijing to do the shoe business ,want to rent his stall as an excuse ,and the boss was discussed, learned kana shoes inside .
In the stalls booth, put shoes have the &quot gold &quot ;mouse ;4Chinabrand ,in the most conspicuous place with Nike ,adidas shoes several pseudonyms .According to the boss ,his stalls have homebred brand and &quot ;imitation licensing &quot ;(i.
e., false card ) two categories. Among the domestic brand style, but did not sell well ,and &quot ;imitation licensing &quot ;although only several, but sell very well. &quot ;since l imitation licensing R sells well ,why not put on the several ?&quot ;asked.
This boss says ,although there are a lot of &quot ;imitation licensing &quot ;shoes ,but afraid of industry and Commerce Department to check, if there is industrial and commercial inspection information, go to &quot ;imitation licensing &quot ;away ,there are domestic brands do cover, is &quot ;&quot ;&quot ;in fact .
Domestic shoes sell is not very good ,if neither of these l imitation licensing R ,we closed long ago .&quot ;the boss said ,a pair of &quot imitation licensing &quot ;cost ;price at 30 yuan ,the wholesale price is generally lower than cost price four or five yuan ,the sale of several &quot ;imitation licensing & Quot ;turnover total turnover of more than half.
According to the owner, these &quot ;imitation licensing &quot ;shoes by take the volume increase sales .Wherein a &quot ;imitation licensing &quot ;Adidas day wholesale hundreds of pairs, a pair of shoes to earn 4 yuan of money to count, Lot 30 pair shoes can bear the cost of one day ( a rental of 50 yuan ,20 yuanof cost of storage ,plus 30 multivariateemployees salary ) .
When asked about these &quot ;imitation licensing &quot ;comes from where ,the boss explained: &quot ;this depends mainly on your eyes when you find shoes wholesale market .What style of shoes in the popular when ,immediately to the shoes to buy, sent to Fujian to Jinjiang or Nanan to some relatively small size of the shoe factory ,asking them to this pair of shoe styles and materials ,and tell them what to order quantity and imitation brand names ,these manufacturers will follow .
Requirements to the market ,collect materials ,and then processed. About a month to complete the order ,a little delay you do business. In general ,the shoe factory 50(one of around 15 pairs ) on the set.
&quot ;reportedly ,a shoes generally have two popular cycle ,the &quot ;imitation licensing &quot ;generally have repeat customers ,when the The shop goods sold, will come here to take the goods &quot ;&quot ;,if the wholesale market of &quot ;imitation licensing &quot ;sell well, in the absence of out of stock before, as long as the owner to the shoe factory orders, factory will continue to produce goods.
In addition ,find ,David Xiecheng each stall has almost no business license ,when calling the local industry and commerce departments ,the answer is the market stall is in applying for business license in Beijing .
It is understood ,Rong Dawei hundred Xiecheng opened nearly 3 years,and apply for business licenses of the time only 10 working days.Small shoe factory shoe :kana hotbed of not long ago ,had come with &quot ;shoes capital &quot ;known as the Fujian Jinjiang ,as well as the footwear industry in recent years, rapid development of Nanan ,the pseudonym shoe production source had thorough investigation.
At present, Jinjiang has become China sports shoes production base in the world and the sports shoes of the important production base. The existing footwear company many 3000 ,the export of footwear enterprise 445 ,from personnel of course of study of more than 350000 ,with an annual output of various types of shoes of 9 millionpairs, the annual production value of nearly 20000000000 Yuan.
Wherein ,sneakers total output accounted for 40% of the country ,20% of the world.In the streets of Jinjiang ,everywhere is the shoe company Advertising .In Jinjiang some village ,shoe factory is a home next to a house .
These shoe factory ,is a family of small workshops .Some manufacturers is the owner of his own homestead built in three or four Xiaolou ,then hiring dozens of employees has become a shoe factory .
In recent years ,China footwear market is the high-end market Adidas ,Nike ,KAPPA and domestic brands lining ,Anta ,athletic ,Philharmonic ,361,de Erhui ,lady well-known brands such as possession.
If these shoes brand competition ,in the same market environment ,numerous small manufacturers will not get the upper hand .So ,in this case ,some small manufacturers faced the choice but three: one is to do a good job of quality shoes ,go low end the market ;two is for domestic and foreign large OEM brand ,OEM production ;three is the fake brand shoes .
Fake brand shoes compared to the first two choose a profit ,Adidas Wings,but not easy to cause inventory .So some small factories choice of manufacturing fake brand shoes .In Jinjiang for West Taiyuan interview, found in this way have dozens of factories .
Into which a shoe factory ,see such a sight mm workshop ground trash foot 5 cm thick ,She looked very long time not clear .Workshop is full of famous brand shoes ,&quot ;&quot ;on the walls whitewashed walls have barely out of its original color ,in all kinds of clothing more than a dozen workers are busy production ,Adidas &quot ;&quot ;mark in their hands from time to time and jumping .
The shoe factory adjacent to a shoe factory is not large enough for the workshop ,the workshop expanded into wholesale shoes even Street production. In this way ,you can see the major domestic and foreign well-known brands of &quot ;imitation licensing &quot ;shoes ,here production after being transported to all parts of the country.
In the interview, understand that ,for some reason ,the local industrial and commercial sectors of these factories of counterfeiting &quot ;feel helpless ,so only &quot ;&quot ;&quot to pay no heed to these false ;.
At the same time ,shoe factory ,there are risks .In the local shoe factory ,if the &quot ;&quot ,activity and strong force ;in the production operation is relatively safe .But delivered to the wholesale market in the road, if the check was seized products, the shoe factory ,is a not small loss.
In addition ,also learned ,is located in the Jinjiang Qinghua West wellhead has greatly small business shoes Nearly 100,they are to a certain extent assumed the pseudonym shoes intermediary services.
In the store shelves densely placed with every kind of kana from Nike ,adidas shoes samples ,the world famous brands such as the size of the domestic brands ,is the fashionable brand ,&quot ;&quot ;complete.
Firm receive business orders ,give orders to the factory ,to take every pairs of shoes from five corners to a yuan of profits. In a company called eimear trade limited company shoes ,pointing to a &quot ;&quot :&quot ;Nike ;asked this shoe is the fastest time of delivery ?&quot ;owner of the answer let the surprise: &quot ;have their own yard ,this shoe has been in production, a year can sell tens of thousands of double ,if we place an order ,7 days beforedelivery.
&quot ;in the wellhead interview was also found ,came under the orders of customers not only Chinese wholesale market business ,but also from India ,Malaysia ,Philippines and other countries businesses, they come here to purchase is an important cause of ,here are all kinds of brand name shoes ,while they state no production.
Who do some consumers to buy shoes shoes pseudonym pseudonym is &quot ;vanity &quot ;Xiao Li is a foreign enterprise .Company employees ,go to the market to buy shoes, see there is a pair of Nike &quot ;&quot ;mark shoes only sold 100 multivariate,immediately bought a pair.
After almost every day ,Xiao Li is wearing this pair of shoes ,particularly a face. In interviews with consumers ,some consumers do not know these shoes true and false .Many consumers even think they buy shoes is really famous brand shoes ,that he spent the money earned a great deal.
But also consumer thinks kana shoes ,good quality ,fashionable ,price is not high ,very affordable ,&quot ;&quot ;more importantly ,the shoes on your feet .Feeling and true brand shoes no two .
In a sale of kana shoe shop, the shop owner to the distribution of &quot ;imitation licensing &quot ;reason. &quot ;shoes industry doorsill is low ,just beginning to do business when there is no capital base ,if the choice of agents of international brands need to spend a lot of money ,and their agents require very high shoes agent ;if the agents of the domestic brands, in addition to the cost of distribution ,but also to do publicity, improve brand awareness ,has a certain risk.
Do these l imitation licensing r shoes more easily ,these shoes brand itself has a high reputation Degree ,don do a lot of advertising ,and some consumers for their understanding, to its very hard to distinguish between true and false .
More importantly ,these l imitation licensing r shoes while under the international brand name ,but sell is the price of domestic brands ,styles and the quality is not bad ,but it is easy to sell .
&quot ;shoes on your feet ,unlike the unqualified food as people have damage to the body .Industry experts think ,industrial and commercial departments of law enforcement in some degree on &quot ;imitation licensing shoes &quot ;&quot ;&quot ,to pay no heed ;in the process of law enforcement, not crack down on counterfeiting .
All the factors above ,the pseudonym of shoes there is a larger market space, driven by profit, some dealers sell fake name shoes always enjoy it ,manufacturer of production is also more bold .
Facts prove ,law enforcement departments as long as the strict inspection ,will be on the &quot ;imitation licensing &quot ;shoes to prevent and combat role . 2007, September to December ,the industry and Commerce Department of the Beijing large shopping malls of the fake phenomenon undertook remediation ,kana shoes got effective keep within limits ,this is a successful experience.
Famous brand battle famous brand is the fake brand-name final victim, however ,many enterprises have not found itself Rights and interests have been infringed ,or is found in the received the violation does not know how to defend their rights .
Therefore ,the Beijing City Consumers Association about expert proposal ,the well-known brand enterprises and trade departments work closely together to carry out remediation counterfeit action.
Company control of the market the most cutting-edge information ,may at any time for the business sector to provide clues to cases, in the course of action to give the necessary support and cooperation.
If the enterprise found their trademark and enterprise name being fake ,should as soon as possible to hire a lawyer or the relevant agencies to the departments concerned cancel each other using request .
If found fake facts, be enterprise must to tort claims infringement caused by loss of both companies .May be the initiator of evil and counterfeiting ,may also become victims of counterfeiting .
This occupation ,http://adidasjeremyscottde.com/,some enterprise manager Mr Liu believes that the government departments concerned shall ,through various channels ,using a variety of ways for enterprises to carry out publicity and education ,to promote independent innovation ,encourage enterprises to build their own brands ,giving independent innovation enterprises some of the preferential policies,Adidas Porsche Design,Li Jinhui and Chinese modern musical King, so that enterprises recognizes that only through independent innovation has its own brand, ability is in intense market Competition in an invincible position .
The expert points out further ,hit a critical point is the pseudonym of shoes ,all levels of government and business law enforcement departments to resolutely not for counterfeiting the green light ;at all levels of government to temporarily economic development or achievement and overlook its potential hazard ;industry and commerce at all levels of law enforcement in the process of law enforcement, nor by a variety of interests the temptation ,counterfeiting to pay no heed to .

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