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[reprint] 2011 Chinese checkers individual race in Taiyuan closi

The winner is the Okinawa county Suzuki Masako .Best of the festival period, except in major venues placed donation boxes ,taobao.com slimming products is also provided with a support material receiving section, loses weight the medicine which good and issued with &quot ;some things we can do, joy and peace &quot ;the word slogan T-shirt .
At the Film Festival closing day at 3 in the afternoon ,total amount already amounted to 9710000 yen 8485 .Including won the highest award of the 2 works ,as well as other award-winning films bonuses amount to 6470000 yen will all as aid money through the Japanese Red Cross donated to the disaster area.
The next film festival is expected to March 24, 2012 to 31 ,the main venue in Okinawa Conference Center .Japanese translation study ,Japanese concurrent post ,the latest Japanese information all in Hanuman network www.
cnposts.com 2011 national draughts individual race ended in Taiyuan in 2011 China International checkers individual race in April 5th in Shanxi, Taiyuan. After 4 days of the game ,from Liu Pei ,Shanghai Zhang Chenye ,17 games to 14 points respectively ,to win the women lattice ,men 100 champion ,Shi Sixuan from Hubei ,Liu Jin Xin respectively to 16 ,15 points for the integral Woman 100, male 64 Georgia championship.
It is worth mentioning that ,64 women champion Liu Pei ahead of a reigning .Its long before 2007 is international chess player ,with chess skills, and chess and 64 international checkers board the same ,ADIDAS Porsche Design P5000,so her job as the most successful ,in recent years to keep the first master position.
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